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Last updated : October 28th, 2016

Relinked Help

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Getting Started (Introduction Emails)

You should have received the following emails within the first few days of your Relinked registration. If you didn't receive them, look in your spam folder or read them here.

Links and Votes

Thank you for taking the time to register. You will now learn how to become a Relinked pro in no time!

Have you visited any links shared by our users since you joined Relinked? If you haven't yet, we invite you to visit any links that you find interesting showing up in your streams. After you've visited a link, be sure to come back and rate it as interesting (Up vote) or not (Down vote). Also, when you see anything boring or irritating, don't just leave it there! Hide it and you won't see it again.

The more you browse streams, the more new content you'll find. Your votes are very important because they help us sort streams and are how we reward our users.

If you feel like most links showing up in a stream are uninteresting, try to change the Category filter to something more relevant to your interests.

Remember, links and streams are being constantly updated, so be sure to check back often.

Streams and Filters

Do you know about the various content filters on your Relinked account? Maybe you've used them already? Basically, you can filter a stream until it's extremely specific.

These filters are found at the top of each of your streams. You already know about category filters, which are useful for finding subjects of interest, but to the right of the categories you will find other important filters.

The Search bar allows you to filter links using keywords. The Visibility filter allows you to see only unseen links, all links, or only links that are in your history (which comes in handy for when you lose a link). The Order filter allows you to choose which links will appear first in your streams. The Language filter allows you to choose to see links from specific languages.

You can open a stream specific to user or domain by clicking on the @username or the /domain at the bottom of each link's box. This is an excellent way to see only what that domain or user has shared on Relinked.

Remember, streams and filters are saved to your account so they remain even when you log out or use a different device. Feel free to add or remove streams to customize your profile to your liking. Changes will show up the next time you visit.

Your Own Public Stream

Up votes and down votes are perfect for filtering your streams, but have you had the chance to create your own Relinked stream? Your stream will be made under your account username and allows other users to easily find your links. Here's how you can share links in your own stream.

If you haven't already created your Relinked username, click on Complete your registration at the top of the page. Once you have chosen your username, we'll create a stream just for you, titled that username. There, you can share links and others will be able to find you. Remember that all links shared are public, so don't share anything you wouldn't want to entire community to see.

To add an already existing link to your stream, click the Share... button found in the link's box and select the Share with Relinked button. You can also share a link's unique URL on other social networks to motivate your friends to come and check it out.

To add a new link to your stream for the Relinked community to see, click the Create a new link button at the top of the page and copy and paste it's URL into the share box. If you're the first to share that link, you'll get to claim it as your own and get rewarded as a contributor!

When your links are viewed, up voted or shared with Relinked, they gain Prime Time and advance in the streams.

We can't wait to see what you share. Go ahead and relink a web page, you're on your way to becoming a Relinked pro!

Prime Points and Stream Placement

If you've already shared some links to your public @username stream, you're probably wondering why you've earned some points at the top of the Relinked page. Those are your hard earned Prime Points! They're your reward for being a Relinked contributor. Here's what you can do with your points, as well as how to earn more.

When a user up votes a link the owner is rewarded with Prime Points and the link gains Prime Time. If you receive Prime Points, then you get to use them however you wish. You can exchange them for Prime Time to boost your links in front of others on a stream, thus getting more visibility on all of Relinked. Your links could even reach the first spot on the streams. Being first means a link will be seen next by all followers of that stream. How incredible is that? Instant popularity!

Be careful though... Your links have to be good to get support from the community. If they don't follow our code of conduct then they will be reported to moderators by other users, this could cause you to lose points or even have your account suspended.

That being said, you could be the first user to share a viral video or shocking news. Being the first means you'll be rewarded, simple as that.

We hope that you have learned enough to use Relinked to it's full potential. We have even more to tell but, until then, thank you for choosing Relinked!

Creating Your Account

To become a Relinked member, click Register at the top of the homepage found at In order to protect your privacy, the registration process was made to ask as little information as possible.

Tip : If you're already a registered member, simply enter your Email and Password then click Login.

Email : Enter a valid email address. This email will be used to send you a validation code and will be how we send you any important information. It will be kept private and will never be shared with any third party.

Captcha : A Captcha is a simple test made to stop and block automatic programs. It's simple for humans and helps to keep our site free of spam accounts. The registration process uses a Google NoCaptcha test that's solved in one simple step. To solve the test, just click in the checkbox and answer the questions.

When you're done click the Create my Account button. If all goes well, you'll receive an email to confirm your account. This email could take a couple minutes before it appears in your inbox.

Tip : If you don't receive an email from Relinked after a couple minutes, check your spam folder.

To confirm your account, you can click the link included in the validation email that will take you to our site, Alternatively, you can copy and paste your Validation code into Relinked's validation form.

Tip : To avoid phishing scams, make sure you are at our official site,, before entering any information. If you believe you may have accidentally fallen for a phishing scam, don't hesitate to contact us.

Preferred Languages : Choose the languages you'd like to read.

Preferred Categories : Pick some categories that you like. You can changed them later once you are connected.

Password : Your password is the key to accessing your account. Enter and confirm a complicated password that consists of at least 8 characters (letters, numbers, or symbols). You are responsible for your account, as well as all of it's activities, so be sure to keep your password secret.

Terms and Conditions : Read our Terms of Use and check the box if you accept.

There you go! You should now be logged in and ready to browse Relinked.

Signing In

If you aren't automatically logged in when you get to, fill in the log in form at the top of the home page.

Email : Enter the email address you used to create your Relinked account.

Password : Enter your 8 character (letters, numbers, or symbols) minimum password.

When you're ready, click on the Login button or hit Enter on your keyboard.

Tip : If your internet browser allows cookies, you will be automatically logged in every time after your first log in. We respect your privacy so a session cookie is the only cookie we use.

Main Interface

Welcome to Relinked's main interface! This is where the action happens and where you can customize what you want to see. To get you started, a generic stream has been added to your list along with a stream for each preferred topic you chose during the registration step. Streams are where you will find links filtered by the community. A stream usually shows you a mixture of highly Primed links and very popular links.

Tip : If you happen to erase a stream, you can create another by clicking the Add Stream button to the bottom-left of the page.

The top of the page is where you can create new links, view your Primes, do searches and view your account settings. The central section is where you can add personalized streams. Note that your interface is automatically saved so it will still be there when you switch devices. The bottom section is where you will find general information about Relinked.

Account Settings

You can change your account settings at any time by clicking the Options button at the upper-right of the page. You can change your preferred language and password. You can also click on the Sign out button to erase the session cookie so you won't be automatically logged back in when you come back. Remember, you are responsible for all of your account activity.


A stream is where filtered links pass through your account. We always show you the best content first. The more you look through the streams and vote on links, the more interesting discoveries you'll make. Use that as an opportunity to up vote and share links that you like to promote them to the front of the stream. That way, others can find them more easily.

Streams can be opened by clicking on the Add stream button or by using the search bar. Another way to open streams is by clicking on the @username, /domain, or #category, which can be found at the bottom of link boxes.

To change a stream's order, use the Change stream order up or down options found in the stream menu or use the Close stream button to remove it from your list. The interface can be laid out exactly to your liking and your changes are always saved to your account. This ensures that your account stays how you left it for the next time you log in.

Streams can be filtered multiple ways. To the right of the top of the streams you can choose the stream Category. For example, if you choose All Categories you'll see the best links from all sub categories. If you choose a single sub category, you'll see only links from that branch.

Tip : If you're too specific with the filters of streams, it may significantly reduce the stream activity.

The Text filter following the Category filter can be used to conduct an even more detailed search through a stream. You can enter a word or part of a word to see links that contain it. You can also use the "@" symbol to find a user's stream or the "/" symbol to see links from a specific domain. You can see how these symbols work by clicking on the tags at the bottom of the link boxes.

Tip : Searching the @username stream of a friend, combined with the Unseen Only filter, is a great way to see things you might otherwise miss.

To the right of the stream you will find all the different ways to refine your search.

The Unseen only filter is applied by default which allows you to see only new links. You can change it to Show all links, to see all the links in a stream, or My history, to see only links you've viewed already.

The My history filter collects all actions done with links on your account. A particularly important stream is My history -> My stream, which is your public stream. There, your friends (or anyone else) can see what you last shared.

You can change a stream's sort order by choosing to Sort by date, Sort by popularity, or Sort by Prime Time. The default is Sort automatically which shows a mixture of the most popular links and the most active links.

You can change the Language filter to show only links in a language of your interest.

You can use the Settings button to the extreme right of a stream to change the size of link boxes with Zoom, to manually Refresh a stream (streams are automatically updated, with a couple second delay), or to organize the streams how you like. Your preferred organization will be saved to your account.


Links are presented in boxes. You can visit a link by clicking on it's box, then come back to vote on it's contents.

Tip : Use middle click or Ctrl click to open a link in a new tab behind Relinked.

If you don't want to visit a link, simply click the Hide button and we won't show that link in your account again (unless you choose the Show all filter or My history filter).

If a link looks interesting but you don't want to visit it immediately, click Bookmark to add it to your stream My history -> Bookmarks. This opens a new stream and prevents you from losing links you haven't had a chance to check out yet.

Link boxes give you lots of information on the contents of the link, like the title and description from the page, the domain, the user who posted it, and a status graphic bar to help determine if it had a positive or negative impact on the community.

Tip : The blue part of the bar shows users who found the link interesting and the grey part shows the users who didn't.

At the bottom of the link box you can click on the @username, /domain or #category to open a stream showing only links from that user, domain, or category. This is helpful for seeing the source of a link and determining if it's worth checking out.

Up Voting (or Down Voting) Links

After having visited a link and returning to Relinked, you'll see the link's Promote menu is flashing. If you liked the link and want to boost it in the streams, click the Up arrow. If you didn't like the link or found it uninteresting, click the Down arrow or Hide button. You can also warn moderators if the link was inappropriate by clicking the Report button that appears after clicking the down arrow, and then telling us why the link should be removed from streams. It's very important to flag bad links to moderators to prevent them from affecting more users. We have to keep the streams clean!

Tip : If you've lost a link you already voted on, you can always find it again in the My history stream.

If you want to share a link with your friends, click on the Share... button. You can then use the Relinked button to share a link to your public stream. If you haven't created a public stream already, you will be invited to. Ask your friends to join Relinked so they can follow your stream using your username. If you want to share a link on another social network or via email, simply click on the wanted social network button or copy and paste the shortened URL anywhere you wish.

Tip : If you are the owner of a link, it's important to share the Relinked shortened URL to get yourself more Prime Points.


The Search bar is found at the upper-right of the page. You can enter a word or part of a word to find links that contain it. You can also use the "@" symbol to find specific user's links or the "/" symbol to find specific domain's links.

Tip : You can combine @usernames and /domains as filters to follow multiple users and domains at the same time.

My History

All activity with links from your account is saved in the My history stream. Your history can be viewed by choosing the My history stream filter. Each sub category in the My history stream is a different action that can be done to a link. For example, if you want to see links you've bookmarked, select My history -> Bookmarks.

My history -> My stream is probably the most important stream on your account. There, you will find all the links you've Relinked or publicly Shared. If your friends follow your @username, that's what they will see from you.

Creating Links

The Create a new link button is located at the top of the page. All you have to do is copy a web address starting with HTTP you find interesting and paste in the submission field. Hit Enter on your keyboard or click the Validate this link button to start the submission process. If no one else has shared that link before, you can share it and gain Prime Points as the author. If the link had been previously shared, you can still share it to your public stream and it will gain valuable Prime Time.

Tip : Be sure to read our code of conduct before submitting any links. Inappropriate links can cause you to lose Prime Points or have your account or domain suspended.

Before you can share your first link, you will be invited to choose your Relinked public username.

Username : Choose your Relinked username. This name will be public and displayed at the bottom of each of your shared links so the community can find you. If your friends want to follow your public stream, your @username will be all they need to find it.

Captcha : A Captcha is a simple test to stop and block automatic programs. It's simple for humans and helps to keep our site free of spam links. The registration process uses a Google NoCaptcha test that's solved in one step. To solve the test, just click in the checkbox and answer the questions.

When you create a link, a Submission form will appear. There, you can specify the link's language, title, description, category, and thumbnail. Remember, the nicer you present the link, the more popular it will be.

A title, description, and thumbnail are automatically taken from the link you've submitted. Select the suggested text and thumbnail that best describes the contents of your link. If there isn't a title, description, or thumbnail, we probably couldn't find anything distinctive on the web page. In this case, manually enter the text, or the link could be rejected. Moderators will make sure that the presentation accurately represents your link.

Tip : As a note to web developers, it's relatively easy to make your page compatible with Relinked. Note that if the text found on your web page changes often, that could cause the link to be flagged as invalid.

Selecting the right Category is essential to making sure that your link reaches the proper audience. For example, if you submit a comic strip about a tech gadget, select Entertainment -> Comics as the first category and Technology -> Gadgets as the second. This will allow users who follow these categories to find your link more easily.

Remember, your link will also be visible in parent categories. This means your link will appear in the Comics, Entertainment, Gadgets, Technology, and All categories streams as well. Any miscategorized links can be flagged to moderators, so be careful not to tarnish your reputation over it.

Tip : We allow you to choose two main categories for your links so if you choose to put only one, you're cutting your potential audience in half.

Be specific when choosing categories for new links so they can be viewed and voted on by users faster. The faster you gain Prime Time, the more likely you are to reach users with less specific interests.

Tip : Ideally, you're trying to reach the front spot of each selected category stream by having users promote your link. When your link is promoted a lot, it may reach the front of all streams, reaching practically every user!

When you create a new link we will help you get it started up by giving it a bonus amount of Prime Time. Prime Time controls how long a link will spend in front of others with less Prime Time. Prime Time is earned when other users visit or promote your link and decreases in real-time. When lots of users promote your link it creates a snowball effect, pushing your link forward in the streams. If you can't wait for your link to reach the front of it's stream you can pay or use Prime Points to boost your link right to first place.

When creating a new link, you may have to solve a Captcha. A captcha is a simple test made to stop and block automatic programs. The test is simple enough for humans and helps to keep the site free of spam.

Click Submit link to release your link into the streams and get it viewed by users. You can view a link's performance and status in the My history -> My links stream.

If you want to share a link with your friends, we suggest you get your friends to sign up for Relinked so they can follow your stream using your @username. If you want to share a link on another social network or via email, gaining you Prime Points in the process, use the Share... button and copy and paste the shortened URL wherever you want. The shortened URL redirects to Relinked, where members will be taken to their account and can vote on the link and non-members will be invited to make an account so they can vote and gain Prime Points too.

My Stream

My history -> My stream is probably the most important stream on your account. There, you will find all the links you've shared and publicly promoted. If your friends follow your @username stream, that is what they will see from you.

Tip : Like with any social network, you have to be careful about what you share to your public stream. Others can see the links you've promoted.

It is possible to delete a link from your public stream. To do so, click the Relinked... button on a link and uncheck the Relinked button. Links are not deleted from Relinked however, they are just switched to be anonymous. To completely delete a link, you would have to delete it's source on the internet or make it not available publicly. It would then be marked as non-existent on Relinked.

Tip : Deleting a link doesn't change it's status and will not allow you to post it again.


Relinked is based on a point system called Primes. When users decide if a link is interesting or not, the author is rewarded with Prime Points. A link that generates interest advances in the streams and gains Prime Time which decreases in real-time.

Tip : Vote on links you've visited to help the community sort streams.

The Prime counter for your account is located at the top of the page. It shows the popularity of your links and your Prime Point bank available for use when submitting new links.

Once a link is submitted, the creator can exchange Prime Points for Prime Time and boost the link directly to the front of the stream. Prime Time can also be purchased with money. The increase in visibility and in Prime Points offers an excellent return of your investment.

Code of Conduct

The links you share say a lot about you. Evaluate and think thoroughly about the links you want to associate with your account. Users can suspend your account or domain in one click which can lessen your audience. Repeat flagging of your links can lead to a suspension of your account, the blocking of your domain, deletion of links, and even the revoking of Prime Points.

Warning : Your links must be suitable for users under the age of 18. Children could be exposed to your links so don't post anything containing inappropriate content. Read the terms of use and our code of conduct before submitting any links to Relinked.


Despite our best efforts to prevent the posting of offensive links, it is possible that you could be the first to stumble upon something inappropriate or offensive. If this is the case, we recommend you click the Report button, found next to the Down arrow once down voted, as quickly as possible. Your cooperation could stop the rest of the community from seeing the inappropriate content.

Tip : Consider becoming a moderator!

Contribute to the removal of inappropriate content on Relinked by voting on each link you visit and reporting so that moderators can put a stop to the users responsible. Together, we can put pressure on the users and domains with ill intentions.


Relinked wouldn't be possible without the help of our moderators.

If you wish to become a moderator, you could qualify for different advantages and rewards for your account.

Terms of Use

Carefully read over the terms of use as they oversee Relinked's services. We have put in lots of effort to ensure that they easy to read and understand. The terms could also disclose some important information on our services, code of conduct, your rights, and your privacy.

Contact Us and Feedback

If you have any questions or comments on Relinked, use the Feedback form found at the bottom of the page. You can also contact us via email at :

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