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About Relinked

Relinked is a website specialized in sharing internet links. Our goal is to provide you with a service that is interactive, free and respectful of your privacy.

When using Relinked, you get rewarded by finding and promoting internet links matching your interests. Like something? Links can be promoted and shared with friends. Not interested? Links can be hidden and completely forgotten about.

Relinked become very advantageous when you submit your own internet links. If the community supports your links, you will be rewarded with two kinds of Primes. Prime Time boosts your links in front of streams and Prime Points can be exchanged for advantages to reach a wider audience. If your content is repetitive or inappropriate, it will be reported by other users and slide to the bottom of streams.

From now on, you are in control of what you see online. Join Relinked now and get your friends to do the same. Be there when new trends emerge and contribute to create a buzz with the entire community.

Relinked, a smart social network.

Yours Truly,
The Relinked Team

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